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Czech Republic Flags

The Czech Republic flag is the same flag used by the nation of Czechoslovakia prior to its dissolution in 1993 to form the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our Czech flags are available in three types. Our outdoor flags are made of nylon and ideal for use in all-weather conditions. The indoor flag comes fitted with a fringe and are ideal for official displays. For more details click on an image below or see the description at the bottom. 

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

The flag of Czech Republic features a minimal design with the flag divided in to two equal stripes. The top half is colored white while the bottom appears in red. A blue triangle extends towards the middle of the flag with its base running the entire length of the hoist end (end closest to the flag pole). The current flag design was envisioned and produced by Jaroslav Kursa, an employee of the Czechoslovak Ministry of the Interior. The two horizontal stripes are based on the flag of Bohemia while the blue triangle was added to complete the trio of red, white and blue, the traditional colors of the pan-Slavic movement.

Our outdoor Czech flags, ideal for all-weather use, can be flown on any of our outdoor commercial pole and residential flagpoles. Our indoor flags come with a fitted pole sleeve to accommodate a parade or indoor flagpole with ease. They also have a gold fringe. These fringed flags are often used in official government buildings. The mini flags are ideally sized for table top displays. Pair them with our mini flag bases for upright displays.

Carrot-Top offers a wide range of National flags from all over the world. Our largest and impressive American flag collection houses flags for all occasions. We also provide indoor flagpole accessories and variety of flagpole parts. For more details about any product seen here call us on (800)628-3524. 

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