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Cyprus Flags

National Cyprus flags is a symbol of the harmony that exists between the diverse population of Cyprus and acts as an ode to its natural resources. Our Cypriot flags come in three variants for indoor, outdoor and handheld or tale top displays. The outdoor flags are ideal for all-weather use, while the indoor flags have a polished finish ideal for official use. For more about each flag types click on an image below or scroll down to see the description.

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

The flag of Cyprus features a white background with the map of Cyprus printed in Copper at the center of the flag. Below it are two olive branches placed below it. The flag design was the winning entry in a competition held in 1960. It was submitted by Ismet Vehit Guney, a teacher, painter and cartoonist at the time. The Cyprus national flag is the only one of its kind to feature a map. The color of the map is said to signify the important role copper played in the history of the country and its continued influence. The two olive branches stand for the peace and harmony between the two ethnic groups that exist in the country, Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

Buy our outdoor Cyprus flag for all-weather displays in areas with moderate winds. These flags come attached with a header and grommets allowing it to be flown on any outdoor commercial or residential flagpole. The indoor flags are perfect for use in official displays and buildings. They come with a gold fringe and a pole sleeve to accommodate any parade or indoor flagpole. Our mini flags measure 4”x6” and pair well with our mini flag bases.

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