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Comoros Flags

The Comoros National flag was adopted in 2003 and it is one of the youngest national flags in the world. Our Comoros flags are available in an outdoor style fitted with a header and grommets and for indoor use with a gold fringe and pole sleeve as well as a miniature version measuring 4”x6”. For more details click on a desired product image below.  

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

The Comoros flag is made up of four horizontal stripes colored yellow, white, red and blue. The stripes appear in that order stacked atop each other. A green triangle sits on its hoist side and contains a white crescent and four white, five pointed stars.  The bands and white stars represent the four main islands of the nation:  Grand Comore, Mwali, Anjouan and Mayotte.  The star and crescent symbol honor Islam which is the nation’s major religion.

Our outdoor Comoros flags are available in four different sizes and can be flown and displayed on any outdoor flagpole with the use of a flag hook and flagpole rope. Our indoor flags feature a gold fringe made of rayon, ideal for official flag displays. These flags also have a lined pole sleeve to accommodate indoor and parade flag poles. The Comoros flags are also available in miniature versions with an attached staff for handheld use.

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