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Chad Flags

Our Chad flags are available in three different varieties for use in flag displays in any setting. Our outdoor Chad flags are available in four different sizes and come fitted with a header and grommets. The indoor version features a gold fringe ideal for professional displays. Our Chad flags are also available in a miniature 4”x6” size. For more about each type of flag click on the product image below. 

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

The Chad flag blends the color of France’s national flag, the Tricolore, with the Pan-African colors of red and yellow. Blue symbolizes the sky and water and also signifies the hope for progress ever-present in the people of Chad.  Yellow denotes Chad’s northern desert sand. Red indicates progress and the sacrifice of those who struggled for independence. The original flag featured a green stripe instead of the blue. The design was changed in order to avoid confusion with other nearby countries. The flag was officially adopted in 1959.

Outdoor Chad flags are constructed with tough, long-lasting nylon built to withstand harsh winds and climates. They can be flown on any outdoor flag pole. Indoor Chad flags feature a nylon blend material and have a gold fringe. All indoor flags feature a pole sleeve for indoor flagpoles. The 4”x6” mini Chad flags are made of durable polyester material and come with an attached staff.

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