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Central African Republic

The Central African Republic flag idealizes the harmony between European and African peoples. The flags are available in three varieties for indoor and outdoor displays. Our outdoor flags are available in four sizes for use with any outdoor flagpole. The indoor flags feature a gold fringe and the miniature 4”x6” flag is also available for desktop and handheld use. Click on a product image below for more specific information. 

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

The Central African Republic flag symbolizes the Union and deep ties between Africa and France. The designer of the flag, and first president of the Central African Republic, Barthélemy Boganda, believed that Africa and France should progress together. In keeping with this idea, the flag features stripes colored red, white and blue representing the flag of France and red, green and yellow for the Pan-African movement.

The Central African Republic flag features five equally sized stripes. The blue, white, green and yellow stripe is placed horizontally and one vertical red stripe placed in the middle. In the top left hand corner, superimposed on the blue stripe, is a five-pointed yellow star. The red stripe symbolizes the mutual respect between Africans and Europeans.  Blue represents freedom while white indicates peace. Green denotes hope and yellow symbolizes tolerance. The yellow star of independence signifies a bright future for the Central African Republic.

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