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Cape Verde Flags

Our Cape Verde flags are available for purchase in three different styles. The outdoor Cape Verde flags can be used with an outdoor flag pole with the use of a snap hook. We also provide indoor Cape Verde flags with a gold fringe and miniature 4”x6” versions ideal for desktop displays. For further details about each flag click on the product image below. 

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

The Cape Verde flag displays a blue field and a horizontal white stripe with a thinner red stripe placed in the center of it. Yellow stars circle the stripes representing the volcanic islands that comprise the nation. The blue field represents the Atlantic Ocean and sky.  White indicates peace. Together with the white band, the red signifies the path toward the construction of the nation and Economic progress. The Cape Verde flag symbolically summarizes the nation’s hopes for a peaceful future and the pathway to prosperity for its people. 

Our Cape Verde flags are available for sale in several varieties. The outdoor Cape Verde flags are constructed to be displayed in both dry and wet weather on any outdoor flag pole. The outdoor nylon flags are available in several different sizes to match your flagpole and display needs. Carrot Top also offers an indoor flag with a gold fringe, perfect for display in buildings or homes with one of our indoor pole sets. The Cape Verde flag is also available in a miniature 4”x6” size, perfect as a keepsake or giveaway to honor Cape Verde.

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