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Cameroon Flags

Celebrate the nation of Cameroon with one of our Cameroon flags. These flags are available in three varieties, our Outdoor flag is ideal for use in moderate winds and all-weather conditions. The indoor flag is perfect for use with an indoor or parade pole and the miniature Cameroon flag is ideal for desk top or handheld use. For more details about each product click on a desired image below. 

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

The Cameroon flag visually symbolizes the nation’s spirit of unity, hope and independence. The Cameroon flag design has been credited with being one of the first National flags to utilize green, red and yellow, the colors of the Pan- African Movement. The colors appear as three vertical stripes, in the middle of which is a yellow five-pointed star. The center stripe and star embody the unity of a previously divided Cameroon. Yellow alludes to the sun and the savannas of the North. Green references the southern forests. The flag closely resembles the Tricolore or the French National flag.

Our outdoor Cameroon flags are available in four different sizes and come with a fitted header and brass grommets. These flags can be attached to an outdoor flagpole of your choice with the help of some outdoor flag pole accessories. Our indoor Cameroon flags measure 3’x5’ and can be used with any of our indoor or parade flag poles. The mini Cameroon flags are a great for a rally or other national events. They also serve as exceptional desk flags when paired with mini flag accessories.

See all of our world flags for flags from every continent and every corner of the world. Pair your flag with one of our high quality flag poles and finish it off with our outdoor flag pole accessories or our indoor accessories. Browse our custom products and property management items to find more. For further details about our products contact a customer service representative on (800)628-3524. 

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