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Burkina Faso Flags

The Burkina Faso flags identify a nation born from struggle and connected to the progress of the African Continent. Our Burkina flags are available for outdoor and indoor use in long term displays. We also offer a miniature version ideal for use as a desk or handheld flag. For more details about these flags click on a product image below.

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

The Burkina Faso flag features two equally sized horizontal stripes that fill up the entire body of the flag. In the center of the flag is a five-pointed yellow star. The star on the Burkina Faso flag symbolizes revolution and the path to freedom that many African countries went through.  Red honors the bloodshed in the struggles for freedom while green recognizes the abundance of natural beauty and resources in the country. The Burkina Faso flag reflects the break from colonial power and the nation’s unity with all African ex-colonies.

Outdoor Burkina Faso flags are made for both dry and wet weather displays and provides a proud display for months in moderate winds. Indoor Burkina Faso flags feature a nylon blend material and are fitted with a gold fringe for a professional look. We also offer mini Burkina Faso flags for handheld use or to be used as a desktop ornament. These flags were adopted in 1984

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