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Botswana Flags

Our Botswana flags are ideal for outdoor or indoor displays and come in a miniature size for use as a desk flag or handheld flag. All flags feature the official design, and both indoor and outdoor flags are made of durable nylon fabrics. For more about each flag click on a product image. 

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

The Botswana flag reflects the nation’s intentions of a harmonious society which treasures its natural resources. It features a light blue background with a black stripe in between two thinner white lines. Botswana’s flag was designed to contrast with the flag of apartheid South Africa. Black and white epitomizes the harmony between Africans and Europeans. The black and white stripe also recognizes the zebra as Botswana’s official animal. The blue field symbolizes water, specifically rain. Botswana is 70% desert and prone to droughts. This flag design was adopted in 1966.

Outdoor Botswana National flags are ideal for use with any outdoor flagpole are available in four different sizes. Our Indoor Botswana flags can be attached to an indoor or parade flagpole and feature a gold fringe. The mini Botswana flags are perfect as giveaways or for desk and table top displays when paired with our mini flag accessories.

We offer a large number of International flags from every corner of the world. Our collection of American Flags is unmatched and boasts flag options to fit any location and setting. We also provide all the components needed for a full flag display including indoor and parade flag poles, outdoor commercial flag poles and residential flagpoles. Finish your flag display off with our indoor flagpole accessories and outdoor flag pole parts as well. For more about our products contact us on (800)628-3524. 

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