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Benin Flags

The Benin flag is a pictorial emblem of the cultural, political and regional values of the nation. Our Benin flags are available in three varieties.  Our outdoor Benin flags are made with strong, durable nylon tailor made to withstand harsh elements.  Carrot Top also features an indoor Benin flag with a gold fringe. They are also available in a miniature size. For more details click on a product image.

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

Benin flags are designed to reflect both national and continental pride. The flag features three equally sized rectangles. A green rectangle is placed vertically on the hoist end and beyond it are two horizontally stacked rectangles the top is colored yellow and the bottom is red. Yellow alludes to Benin’s northern savannas and signifies the preservation of wealth. Green honors the southern palm groves and symbolizes hope and revival. Red commemorates the blood shed by those who fought in the war for freedom.  Yellow, green and red denote the Pan-African movement.

Outdoor Benin National flags are made of nylon and are well suited for outdoor displays. The outdoor flags feature reinforced three-stitch fly ends are available in 2’x3’, 3’x5’, 4’x 6’ and 5’ x8’ sizes. Indoor Benin flags come with a fitted gold fringe and a pole sleeve to accommodate any indoor flagpole. We also supply Miniature Benin flags that measure 4”x6”.

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