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Azerbaijan Flags

The Azerbaijan Flag features a three stripe design and has symbols to represent its past heritage, future aspirations and the nation’s main faith Islam. These flags can be used in indoor, outdoor and mini flag showcases. All types of flags feature high quality printing and accuracy. Use our outdoor flags in all-weather situations. The indoor flag is great for official displays while the mini flag is perfect for table top and handheld use. For more details click on an image below. 

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

The Azerbaijan flag is designed with three horizontal stripes of equal size with the image of a crescent and a moon in white placed at the center. The three stripes are colored blue, red and green in that order from top to bottom. Each color and element on the flag of Azerbaijan has a distinct meaning. The color blue is said to represent the nation’s Turkic origin. The red stripe is representative of the future and the move towards modernity and a healthy democracy. The crescent and eight-pointed star in the center of the flag is commonly used in Islam but has not officially been cited as a reference to Islam in the official Azerbaijan flag description. The eight points of the star are said to represent the eight populations of people who are of Turkic origin. This version of the flag was adopted in 1991.

The flag of Azerbaijan is available in three styles for 3 functional uses. The indoor flags come with a gold fringe that accentuates the colors of any flag. They are also fitted with a pole sleeve to accommodate any indoor flag pole. The outdoor flags have a canvas header to prevent fraying on the hoist end (side attached to flagpole rope) and grommets which allow the flag to be flown on any of our outdoor flagpoles. The 4”x6” flag is designed for use in handheld displays or with our mini flag accessories.

We offer many different world flags from every corner of Earth! Carrot-Top Industries is a leader in the American flag industry, see our full range of US flags for indoor and outdoor, all-weather use. Browse our indoor flagpole accessories and our outdoor flagpole parts to find replacement parts for your flagpole or to find ornaments and other pieces to decorate it. For more details about our products call us on (800)628-3524. 

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