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Australia Flags

The Australian flag is a tribute to its country and its geographical position. The flag features the Union Jack in its canton and the Southern Cross constellation. Our Australia flags can be purchased for both long term indoor and outdoor use. The outdoor flags are made for all-weather use. Our indoor flags are available in a 3’x5’ size and a mini version. For more information about each flag click on an image below or scroll down to the bottom. 

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

The flag of Australia a blue background with the Union Jack placed in its canton and several white stars placed in the center. The stars placed in the right side of the flag are arranged in the pattern of the Southern Cross constellation and the larger white star towards the left side of the flag is known as the Commonwealth Star. The Union Jack acts as a reminder of the intertwining history between Australia and the British Empire. The Southern Cross constellation is used because of its prominence in the southern hemisphere. The constellation is said to have been a symbol representing Australia for many years. The Commonwealth Star or Federation Star has seven points and represents each of the seven colonies that came together to form the Commonwealth Federation.

Our Australia flags can be used in outdoor all-weather displays, official indoor displays and miniature table top or handheld displays. The outdoor flag is available in four sizes each with a fitted header and grommets. They can be flown on any of our outdoor commercial or residential flagpoles. The indoor flags measure 3’x5’ and come with a gold fringe. These Australian flags are perfect for official displays in government buildings, military parades and all long term indoor displays. They can be attached to any of our parade and indoor flagpoles. The mini flags are ideal for display with our mini flag stands.

Buy world flags and American flags for any location and setting. Our indoor flagpole accessories and outdoor flagpole parts are great additions to your new or existing flag pole. Call us on (800)628-3524 for more details or to place an order with one of our customer service representatives. 

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