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Angola Flags

Our Angola flags are available in three different styles to fit your needs. Our outdoor Angola flags are ideal for use in dry or wet weather in moderate winds and can be attached to any outdoor flag pole. We also supply indoor fringed Angolan flags and miniature flags which are exact replicas. For more about a product click on a desired image below. To learn more about the national flag of Angola see the description below. 

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

The Outdoor Angola flag is an exact depiction of the Angola flag as dictated by the official authorities of Angola. The Angola flag’s background is divided horizontally into a red portion and black portion. The red half, placed above the black half, symbolizes the blood shed by the people of Angola during their oppression and civil war that took place soon after gaining independence. The black half stands as a symbol for the continent of Africa. Placed at the center of the flag is a yellow graphic, portraying a part of a cog wheel, a machete and a five pointed star. The cog wheel is a symbol for industry, the machete stands for agriculture and the star acts as a symbol to represent solidarity. The current design of the Angola flag was adopted in 1975 after achieving independence from Portugal. The flag was designed during the reign of a Marxist or Communist government, hence the resemblance to the Soviet flag.

Outdoor Angola National flags are tough and durable nylon flags designed for outdoor displays with any outdoor flagpole. They are available in 2’x3’, 3’x5’, 4’x 6’ and 5’ x8’ sizes. Indoor Angola flags feature a nylon blend material and are available with a gold fringe. The 4”x6” mini Angola flags are made of durable polyester material and come attached to a staff.

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