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Andorra Flags

The Andorra flag has a unique design with borrowed elements from the Catalan flag and the French Tricolor. These flags are available in 3 varieties for indoor, outdoor and mini flag presentations. The outdoor flags are made for long term all-weather use. Indoor Andorra flags come with a gold fringe and the mini flags come attached to a black staff. For more information click on a product image below. 

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

The Andorra flag has a three stripe design similar to that of the French national flag. The stripes of the flag are colored blue, yellow and red in that order from left (hoist end) to the right (fly end). The Nation’s coat of arms is positioned in the center of the flag. The Andorra flag also has a similar design to the Catalan flag in that the center yellow stripe is wider than the stripes on the side which are of equal size. The colors of the flag represent the importance of Spain and France in the Nation’s past and its independence from these countries. The crest on the Andorra flag features a shield separated into quadrants with four images. The national motto beneath the crest reads “Virtus Unita Fortior”, which translates roughly to mean “Strength United is Stronger”.

Our outdoor Andorra flags come fitted with a header and grommets which allow for a flag snap to be attached. These flags can be flown with any of our outdoor flag poles. The indoor flags have a fringe and a pole sleeve. The sleeve can accommodate any of our indoor and parade flagpoles. The 4”x6” mini flags can be used with our mini flag accessories for desktop and ornamental displays.

See all of our high quality Word flags and American flags perfect for any setting and location. Carrot-Top Industries proudly offers all parts needed for a flag display including indoor flag pole accessories and outdoor flag pole parts. Browse through our custom products to find items you can design from scratch. For more information call us on (800)628-3524. 

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