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Gadsden Flag

Considered a statement of liberty and vigilance, the Gadsden flag was designed by Colonel Christopher Gadsden of South Carolina, who served both in the Continental Congress and the Continental Navy. Featuring a coiled rattlesnake on a field of bright yellow, it's often known as the Don't Tread on Me Flag from the motto found along the bottom. You'll find a selection of Gadsden flags and other Don't Tread on Me Flags at Carrot-Top, including the Culpeper Flag and the First Navy Jack, each of which can be traced to the same era. Choose your flag from the options shown here or read our more detailed description to learn more about flagpoles and other options.

5 Item(s)

5 Item(s)

Gadsden and Don't Tread On Me Flags at Carrot-Top

While the motto "Don't Tread on Me" has a long history in America, only the Gadsden flag features it below the coiled rattlesnake on a yellow field. The rattlesnake was a common symbol during the American Revolution, and its tail includes 13 rattles, one for each colony. Designed by South Carolina’s Colonel Christopher Gadsden, the historical Gadsden flag was the standard of the Continental Marines during Revolutionary times. At Carrot-Top, you'll find a variety of Gadsden flags in sizes from the 4" x 6" mini flag up to a 5' x 8' flag, with the image digitally printed on UV-resistant 200 denier nylon, which resists fading in sunlight. Our most popular is the 3' X 5' Nylon Gadsden Flag, the ideal size to fly from a range of outdoor flagpoles. Pair this beautiful flag with one of our Beacon® Nylon U.S. flags for a strong and patriotic display.

Gadsden flags are often referred to as Don't Tread on Me Flags, but they aren't the only historical flags that used this motto. The Culpeper Flag was directly inspired by the Gadsden flag, keeping the coiled snake and famous motto, and adding them to a white background. This flag includes the name of the militia – The Culpeper Minute Men – at the top and "Liberty or Death" across the center. Flying a Culpeper flags shows your American pride and patriotism with style. These flags look great in almost any location and are flown to remind us all of America's path toward freedom and independence, as well as the will of Americans to overthrow oppression.

Another Don't Tread on Me flag is the First Navy Jack, which also has its origins in the earliest days of the republic. This flag was revived in 2002 by the Secretary of the Navy and is currently flown by commissioned vessels at anchor or while moored pierside. This GSA Approved flag is made with lightweight nylon and available in several sizes. It flies as a striking symbol in the war on terrorism.

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