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Thin Blue Line Flags

Carrot-Top’s selection of Thin Blue Line Flags, police flags and lapel pins make a strong statement of support for U.S. law enforcement officers—both active duty and fallen. The iconic blue line symbol has been used in police flags for decades to represent the role of law enforcement in society. Whether you choose to fly a Thin Blue Line Flag alongside your U.S. flag, display a Thin Blue Line U.S. Garden Flag in your yard, or proudly wear a Thin Blue Line American Flag Lapel Pin in honor of courageous local heroes, know you’ll be making a quality purchase that will continue to speak volumes for years to come.

11 Item(s)

11 Item(s)

About Our Thin Blue Line Flags

Historically, the image of a thin blue line against a solid black background has been associated with law enforcement’s role in society—the thin blue line representing the division between order and anarchy. Another popular interpretation of the thin blue line symbol can be seen on the black and white police American flag, which features a single solid blue line against a black and white interpretation of our nation’s flag. Both versions make a strong statement of support and solidarity with U.S. law enforcement.

Carrot-Top Industries carries both varieties of Thin Blue Line flags, including the traditional 3’ x 5’ Nylon Thin Blue Line Flag—a solid black flag with a single blue line—as well as three different sizes of the Nylon Thin Blue Line American Flag, a popular choice specifically tailored for outdoor use.

Paying Tribute with a Thin Blue Line Flag

Our Thin Blue Line flags can be flown alongside other police flags or with a larger-sized U.S. flag to honor law enforcement officials in the community or to tribute fallen officers. These flags are commonly displayed inside or flown outside of homes, police stations and public buildings where it is appropriate to show support for law enforcement. Carrot-Top Industries also offers high-quality Thin Blue Line U.S. Garden Flags that can add a touch of meaning to your garden or front yard as part of a memorial display or just as a special way to recognize the courageous public servants in your community.

How Can We Help?

Looking for other product ideas to honor U.S. law enforcement officers? Carrot-Top prides itself on providing you with all the patriotic, special event, and custom products you need for your business or home. For more information about our Thin Blue Line Flags or any other product, don't hesitate to contact us at 800-628-3524.

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