Pennant Strings

Pennant banners are the perfect way to draw attention to your next event! These affordable pennant banners, or pennant strings, are ideal for indoor or short-term outdoor use. Drape them from your retail shop or from tree to tree for a fun outdoor event. Pennant banners can be used indoors at events like a birthday party or school spirit day. At Carrot-Top, you'll be able to choose from a variety of designs, including strings featuring patriotic colors for a national holiday like the 4th of July. Shop metallic streamers, multi-colored pennant strings and foreign flag strings for school events or family gatherings. We also carry a variety of advertising designs that feature messages, perfect for your business or organization.

Our pennant strings are brightly colored and wave nicely in the slightest breeze, drawing everyone's attention. To find out more about our pennant banners, click on an image of your choice. For more general information, see the description below the product options.

32 Products

Patriotic Fan Pennant Strings
$15.49 to $27.49
Old Glory Streamers - Wav-Cut
1 review
Old Glory Pennant String Flags
$7.49 to $21.99
2 reviews
Colorfest Slim Pennant Strings - 8 Mil
$8.99 to $21.99
Metallic Streamers - Straight Cut
$9.99 to $31.99
Multi Colored Fluorescent Pennant Strings
$19.99 to $30.99
Slim Fluorescent Pennant Strings - Multi Colored
$28.49 to $50.99
Checkered Flags Pennant Strings
$8.99 to $26.99
Americana String Banner Flags
$8.99 to $28.99
3 reviews
Patriotic Metallic Streamers - Straight Cut
$17.99 to $31.99
1 review
Colored Streamers - Wav-Cut
1 review
Yankee Doodle Pennant String 50'
Yankee Doodle Pennant String 25'
U.S. Flags Pennant String 50'
2 reviews
Slim Metallic Pennant Strings
2 reviews
Select up to 4 items to compare.
Select up to 4 items to compare.