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Custom Color Attention Flags & Pennants

Thinking of ways to attract attention? Ever considered Custom Color Attention Flags?

With colors like Orange, Magenta, Canada Red, Process Blue and Lavender, it’s hard for traffic or passersby to fail to notice your business! These attention-getting flags are available in Tall, Rectangular or Pennant shapes and can combine your choice of two of the colors provided. 

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

Colors for the Tall flags will be vertically or horizontally oriented, while the Pennant style will have a horizontal split of colors. You can select horizontal, diagonal or even a “wave” color scheme for the rectangular flags!

These attention-getting flags are extra-tough nylon, with the panels of contrasting colors attached together with a double row of stitching. A stitched fly end helps protect against fraying, and a canvas header and brass grommets make outdoor display easy. These 2-color flags are easily paired with most flagpole kits and styles.

How about an eye-popping splash of color outside your business or organization? Please call 800-628-5324 for assistance with ordering your custom color flag. Our customer service agents can walk you through the process of getting started as well as provide you with a proof of your flag design.

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