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Telescoping Flagpoles & Sets

A telescoping flagpole from Carrot-Top Industries is one of the most versatile flagpoles you can purchase! Telescoping flag poles allow you to adjust to your desired height with ease, making them great for residential, business, or recreational use. Telescoping flag poles from Carrot-Top are easy to install and easy to take down—a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to commit to a permanent flagpole installation. To learn more about the telescoping flag poles and telescoping flag pole kits offered at Carrot-Top, click on one of the product images below, or keep scrolling down to continue reading. 

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Why Buy a Telescoping Flagpole from Carrot-Top Industries?  

If a permanent flagpole installation isn’t in your budget, or you simply do not want to commit to a single permanent flagpole display site, a telescoping flagpole from Carrot-Top may be the solution for you! Telescoping flag poles allow you to adjust the flagpole to your desired height with ease, making them great for residential, business, or recreational use. Common uses include temporary advertising displays at businesses and special event displays like tailgates, beach trips, and parties. You can even install one in your front yard with the help of a ground sleeve. If you ever move or reinstall your telescoping flagpole, simply purchase a replacement ground sleeve to ensure a secure installation.

Types of Telescoping Flagpoles from Carrot-Top

A customer favorite, our 20' Telescoping Flagpole is a complete kit that features four telescoping segments that can be set at several heights from 9' - 20' to suit your needs. This complete telescoping flag pole kit includes a gorgeous nylon U.S. flag, a ground sleeve for easy installation, and the accessories needed to attach your flag to the flagpole.

Our 19' Multi-Use Telescoping Flag Pole is a flexible pole that can be used to fly both flags and banners. It is ideal for either a temporary display at an event, or a permanent in-ground display with the use of the included ground sleeve.  

The 16' Telescopic Flagpole with Wheel Base is a lightweight and durable telescoping flagpole that is easy to set up and easy to take down. Perfect for use at parties, festivals, and sporting events, this telescoping flagpole kit is an affordable on-the-go option for anyone with a car, team spirit, and patriotic passion!

Carrot-Top’s exclusive collection of Majestic™ Indoor Poles and Majestic Telescopic Pole Sets are an excellent choice for anyone needing a high-quality indoor telescoping flagpole. Available in three elegant finishes, these flagpoles will look great in any indoor space.

For businesses who advertise outdoors, our Super Pole Telescoping Flagpoles feature a smart telescoping design that is easy to transport and store. The fiberglass build of this telescoping flag pole makes it good for all weather situations. Choose from 9’, 15’, 21’ sizes to suit your needs.

Looking for something unique? Take your spirit on the road with a Beast Car Flagpole from Carrot-Top. This fun accessory for your vehicle extends from 2’ to 3’ in height and adds a touch of fun to parades, festivals and events. 

Another fun way to express your patriotism and spirit is with a windsock! Our 12’ Telescoping Windsock Pole is the ideal way to display your fun flag alternative for all to see. Fly one of our awesome military or patriotic windsocks on this telescoping pole!    

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