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Light it up with solar pole lights from Carrot-Top Industries! We offer a variety of pole lights for sale, including motion-detecting security lights, motion intensified lights, and building and sign spotlights, all powered by solar energy. These lights are easy to install and are maintenance free, and they're a green solution to your lighting concerns. Even better, solar pole lights are not only environmentally friendly, they save you money! Because these lights get their power from the sun, you don't need to provide extra electricity to provide light to your space. And the bulbs are LEDs, so they use less energy overall, allowing your solar pole lights to shine brighter, longer, with less power.



Motion Detected Security Lights 


Motion Intensified Lights 


Whether you need security lighting for your school or business, are looking to add reliable street lights to your community's roads, or want to prevent your advertising from disappearing after dark, solar pole lights from Carrot-Top are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution. Solar power has advanced dramatically in recent years, with panels and batteries that are both exceptionally efficient and extremely reliable. Attach one of our solar pole lights to an outdoor flagpole to light up the American flag that flies proudly in front of your building or let it shine on one of our meaningful Military flags. Many of our solar pole lights include brackets that can fit a range of pole sizes, but be sure to check the full description on the individual lights for complete information on pole size requirements and light position recommendations.

Motion detected security lights are a must-have for every business and public space. These solar pole lights only turn on when they detect motion – as far as 30' away for some products. Smaller lights, like the 6-LED motion activated solar light, are the ideal solution for garages, patio areas, and businesses that need lights but do not have a power supply available. Alternately, motion intensified lights turn on when it gets dark, but gets brighter when it detects movement nearby. This type of solar pole light, including the 64-LED high-end commercial grade solar light and Solar Moon light, are great for parking lots and other public places.

Keep your advertising in sight with solar building and sign spot lights. Unlike our other solar pole lights that come with mounting hardware to attach them to an outdoor pole, most of these lights come with an arm that attaches to a building, ledge, or billboard, depending on the light. These useful lights allow you to put the light right were you need it, whether or not power is available. Check out the Solar Light Advertising Kit, which includes all of the pieces you need to mount a powerful solar light in the ground or on any flat surface.

If you're unsure about which solar pole light is right for your home, business, or community, our experienced customer service team is here to help. Give us a call at 800-628-3524 and we'll be happy to discuss your needs.


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