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Internal Halyard Components

Internal halyard components can be used to allow for another flag to be displayed on your flagpole or purchased as replacement flagpole fittings.  All of our internal halyard fittings are designed to be used with our Sentry and Excell™ internal halyard flagpoles.

9 Item(s)

9 Item(s)

Our range of internal halyard flagpole accessories includes counterweights ranging from 3lbs all the way to 14lbs attachments. Counterweights hold your flag in position and create an impressive flag display. We also have several retainer rings that keep the flag close to the flagpole and prevent it from waving erratically and getting bunched up. Our range also features several flag arrangement cables that allow you to attach any number of flag you want easily to your flagpoles. Flag arrangement cables are available in a variety of sizes to fit flags sized from a 3x5’ flag to an 8’x12’ flag.

Internal halyard flagpoles are great for use in off-site flag displays and require little to no maintenance. Internal halyard flagpoles feature a clean look that eliminates a clanging rope and any damage created by a flag snap hook or other accessory hitting the flagpole.

For advice on which internal halyard accessories fit your flagpole and what accessories call us on (800)628-3524. Our dedicated in-house experts are backed by 35 years of experience and are at the ready to answer all of your questions.   

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