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Parade and Indoor Flagpoles

Pick out an indoor replacement flag pole to extend the life of your flag display. These flag poles can be bought separately but fit into your sets seamlessly to provide a display that is almost new.

The replacement poles are available in several different finishes to match your current flag set or to mix and match parts for a unique flag display. For more information about these poles click on a product image. For general information about the sets see the description tab below. 

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)

Our indoor replacement flag poles are available in four different styles to match your current look or create a unique one for your flag display. The four different types of replacement flag poles for indoor flag sets are the Wood-grained steel flagpoles, Solid oak flag poles, the exclusive Majestic™ telescopic indoor poles and the adjustable gold flag pole with varying pole thicknesses and height to suit your needs. 

Other indoor flag pole accessories also include indoor flag pole ornaments, indoor flag pole floor stands and cord and tassel sets. Our indoor flag pole accessories can be bought separately to replace parts of your flag set. In addition to accessories for indoor displays we also offer outdoor flag pole accessories and a wide range of commercial outdoor flag poles and residential flag poles. For more information about our products and to find out the best combinations of items contact a customer service representative on (800)628-3524 today. 

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