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Single Mast Nautical Aluminum Flagpoles with Yardarm

Single Mast Nautical Flagpoles with Yardarm are some of the finest and most popular flagpoles available. These external halyard flagpoles are constructed from aluminum, in either a satin or clear anodized finish, with the anodized flagpoles offering enhanced resistance to corrosion. Sizes range from 20’ to 40’ and each flagpole features a yardarm which makes it possible to display multiple flags at once. These flagpoles evoke the sea, as the single mast resembles the mast of a sailboat.

5 Item(s)

5 Item(s)

Our Single Mast Nautical Flagpoles with Yardarm are available in five sizes and the option of two finishes- Satin aluminum and Natural (Clear Anodized). The Satin Aluminum finish offers a polished look while the Natural (Clear Anodized) finish is best suited to fight rust and corrosion from harsh weather, wind and rain. The Single Mast 20’ Flagpole with Yardarm ideally displays one 2’ x 3’ nylon flag and two 12” x 18” nylon flags. The Single Mast 25’ Flagpole with yardarm is best suited to fly one 3’ x 5’ nylon flag and two 2’x 3’ nylon flags. The Single Mast 30’ flagpole with yardarm will display one 4’ x 6’ nylon flag and two 2’ x 3’ nylon flags. To fly one 5’x 8’ nylon flag and two 2’x 3’ nylon flags, the Single Mast 35’ Flagpole with yardarm is the best choice. Our tallest nautical flagpole, the Single Mast 40’ Flagpole with Yardarm, will fly a 6’ x 10’ nylon flag as your primary flag along with a 2’ x 3’ nylon flag on each side of the yardarm. Carrot-Top offers a broad range of flagpoles which also includes commercial flag sets and internal halyard flagpoles. Don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Care Center with any questions regarding our nautical flagpoles or any of our other products and services. Simply call (800) 628-3524 and speak with any of our representatives.

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