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Vertical Wall Mount Flagpoles

There are times when it’s just not possible to erect a free-standing flagpole, due to building restrictions or space constraints. If this is the situation with your office building, commercial structure or school, a handsome Vertical Wall Mount Flagpole might be the answer to your dilemma.

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

A handsome and rugged alternative to free-standing flagpoles, Carrot-Top’s Vertical Wall Mount Flagpoles are available in 15’, 20’ or 25’ flagpole heights. The flagpole wall mount bracket is available in various designs to match your building’s architectural style, and you can choose from either a satin or bronze powder coat finish for the flagpole and wall mount. The flagpoles and brackets are designed for years of service with little maintenance required. These flagpoles work best with a nylon Beacon® US flag from Carrot-Top (not included).

Vertical Wall Mount Flagpoles come complete with all the accessories you need, except for the mounting hardware itself. It’s been our experience that mounting methods can vary greatly according to various factors; it’s advised that you consult with a structural engineer to analyze your situation before going ahead with installation.

Vertical Wall Mount Flagpoles are a special made-to-order item; please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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