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Tilting Shoe Base Aluminum Flagpoles

Sometimes, due to building codes, sidewalks, space or other restrictions, an in-ground commercial flagpole just isn’t possible. Consider Carrot-Top’s Tilting Shoe Base Aluminum Flagpole, a design that bolts down securely to a concrete flagpole base (not unlike a highway light pole). Choose from 20’, 25’ and 30’ sizes.

Ready to install your flagpole? We also offer installation services on select commercial poles. 

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

In a windy area, and an in-ground commercial flagpole isn’t possible? A Tilting Shoe Base Aluminum Flagpole can be the perfect solution. These flagpoles not only offer the advantage of flush mounting to a concrete pad – they can also quickly be laid flat on the ground in case of bad weather or maintenance. Tilting Shoe Base Aluminum Flagpoles feature a ring that is secured to a concrete pad with sturdy anchor bolts, not unlike a highway street light or many signage designs.

It’s recommended that shoe-base flagpoles not be installed into existing concrete surfaces like sidewalks and should be installed in a new concrete pad. Should you install a shoe-base flagpole into existing concrete, chemical anchorage or epoxy bolts are advisable. Shoe-base flagpoles are not recommended for higher elevations. It’s advisable to consult with an engineer of record before installation; remember to allow enough clearance for trees, power lines and buildings.

Choose from 20’, 25’ and 30’ sizes, complete with collar and all necessary hardware (unlike our competitors).

NOTE: While shoe-base flagpoles are rated for high winds, they are about 85-90% as strong as an in-ground flagpole.

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