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Hinge Base Fiberglass Flagpole

Sturdy and handsome, a Hinged Base Fiberglass Flagpole is well suited for either permanent or temporary flag display. With a shiny gelcoat finish that resists fading and cracking, these hinge base flagpoles will stay looking great for years with very little maintenance needed. While these hinge base flagpoles can withstand a 120 mph wind (with no flag flying), their design allows them to quickly be laid flat on the ground in the event of extreme weather. 

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)

Unlike aluminum, fiberglass is a material that’s impervious to corrosion, making a hinge base fiberglass flagpole perfect for a coastal area where salty sea air could be a problem. These noncorrosive flagpoles are also non-conductive, with zero risk of being hit by lightning, making them a good fit for schools, playgrounds, parks and other busy public areas.

Your purchase of a hinge base fiberglass flagpole comes with a lifetime guarantee and includes the following accessories:

  • Acorn ornament top
  • Revolving truck
  • White halyard rope
  • Cleat
  • Two flag clips
  • Hinge base kit for installation

Depending on height, these flagpoles will range from 4.5” to 7” at the base, and 2.5” at the top.