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Outdoor Flagpole Ornaments


An outdoor flag pole ornament is the crowning touch for any outdoor flag display. In Carrot-Top’s selection of outdoor flag pole finials, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect match for your flagpole’s size and the overall theme you desire. Outdoor flagpole toppers round out any flag display and add an extra touch of dignity and character to your flagpole!

Outdoor flagpole ornaments usually screw into the top of the flagpole truck, the pulley atop the flagpole through which the flag’s halyard is routed. Typically, the ornament is mounted to a ½” spindle, which screws into place using standard National Pipe Thread.  Fiberglass ornaments may be designed so that the flagpole truck is integral with the ornament itself.










Here’s where you’ll find a great selection of outdoor flag pole ornaments to match and complement your outdoor flagpole. Choose from outdoor flag pole toppers made of fiberglass, aluminum, plastic and even inexpensive vinyl outdoor flag pole finials for smaller flagpoles or outrigger flagpoles.

The ball top is a perennial favorite, either in silver, gold or satin finishes. When choosing a ball ornament, remember that it should always be proportional to the size of the flagpole and the flag that’s being flown; Carrot-Top carries ball flag pole ornaments in sizes ranging from 3” all the way to 12”.

For a truly traditional look, there’s the outdoor flag pole eagle. Carrot-Top carries eagle outdoor flag pole ornaments in a variety of styles and sizes, including the perched eagle or flying eagle for a patriotic touch. You can also find acorn, cross, Star of David, Texas Star and even maple leaf outdoor flag finials to suit your needs and your organization.

Aluminum and fiberglass outdoor flag toppers have the advantage of being weatherproof and corrosion-proof. Anodized aluminum outdoor flag pole tops, in particular, resist pitting and will stay looking great for years. 

Got questions about which outdoor flag pole ornament is best for your flagpole and your needs? Just pick up the phone and give us a call at 800-628-3524; our in-house customer care professionals will be happy to help.

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