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Indoor Flag Stands


Our indoor flag stands are the perfect accessory for your auditorium, office, classroom, or church flag display. Choosing right flagpole stand for your indoor flag depends on your flag size, ceiling clearance, and individual flag display needs. Browse our collection of indoor flag pole bases below and scroll all the way down to read more about our indoor flagpole stands. 













Why Buy an Indoor Flag Stand from Carrot-Top?

An American flag display lends a formal, patriotic touch to any event, stage, auditorium, church, courtroom, or office. For indoor flag displays, you will need to choose the correct indoor flag stand for stability as well as for an elegant and proper appearance.

When selecting an indoor flagpole stand, it’s important to consider your exact needs. For example, flag pole bases are designed to correspond with certain flagpole sizes—the heavier the flag stand, the more stable the flagpole will be. A flagpole that’s 6’ to 9’ tall will need an 8 lb. flag stand, while a 12’ flagpole will require a 15 lb. model for safety and stability. You’ll also need to consider your ceiling clearance (after adding the extra height from a stand and flagpole ornament). If you anticipate using your flagpole in an outdoor setting, such as a graduation, speech, or ceremony, remember to use a heavier base for stability in case of windy conditions.

Types of Indoor Flag Stands

Carrot-Top ’s indoor flag pole stands are available in several sizes, finishes, and designs to complement your setting and match your needs. Our Plastic Plated Stands are economical and attractive—available in gold and chrome finish—these stands are available in 8 lbs. for your 3’ x 5’ flag and 4’ x 6’ flag as well as in 15 lbs. for your 5’ x 8’ mounting set. We also carry several unweighted models, which can be easily filled with regular sand to accommodate your flagpole. Our 8 lb. Gold-Finish Indoor Flag Stand is a popular choice, with a simple flanged design and classic gold finish.

A weightier option, our heavy-duty cast flag stands are ideal for both indoor and temporary outdoor use. These flag pole stands are available with a diameter of 1” or 1.25” in either gold or silver for an elegant finish. For formal presentations, you might consider the unique designs of the Conway Star Flag StandWashington Star Cast Iron Flag Stand or Federal Stand, all of which feature interesting details and substantial cast-iron construction.

An Advertising Flag Stand is the best solution for those looking to display feather and flutter flags. Our Super Pole Floor Stand is good for indoor use, while the Water Base Stand for Super Pole works well outdoors on pavement. For blade flags, try the Cross Base with Water Bag for a stable base—either indoors or outdoors on flat pavement.

Looking for a flagpole? We have several. Popular options include our Solid Oak Flagpoles and Majestic Telescoping Indoor Poles, which adjust to your desired height. We also carry a flagpole floor stand adapter for those looking to adapt their flagpoles to our indoor flag stands.

We’re Here to Help!

At Carrot-Top, we’re experts in U.S. flags, state flags, military flags, flagpoles, flagpole accessories, and custom products. Need help choosing your flagpole or sizing your flag stand? Give us a call at 800-628-3524. Our customer service representatives are standing by to assist you.



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