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Commercial Flagpole Lights

Our selection of commercial flagpole lighting includes a variety of solar flag lights in multiple sizes and different illuminations to fit your needs. Our solar powered flagpole lights allow you to illuminate your outdoor U.S. flag display respectfully while following proper flag etiquette— 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Browse our selection below and scroll down to the bottom of the page for more information about our line of commercial flagpole lighting.

13 Item(s)

13 Item(s)

Display your patriotism 24/7 with a solar flag light from Carrot-Top Industries! Our line of commercial flagpole lighting is perfect for businesses, cities, towns, municipalities, parks and recreation departments, schools, governmental entities, and more! Our commercial solar flagpole lights are designed to work with commercial flagpoles and allow you to illuminate your U.S. flag display respectfully, within flag code.

Commercial Flagpole Lighting from Carrot-Top

No matter the size or illumination need of your outdoor flag display, we have the right solar powered flagpole light for you! The Commander Extreme Solar Flagpole Light is a great solution for most businesses, schools, and organizations needing lighting mounted to a commercial flagpole. This solar flag light gives you the option of having 360-degree light coverage, ensuring perfect illumination.

For a versatile solar flag light option, try the Commander Solar Flagpole Tri-Light, with fully adjustable 3-5-volt solar panels and a secondary wall-mount option. Use all three LED lights on your 2”-4” diameter flagpole or opt for only one or two of the LED lights for a subtler lighting effect.

 A great option for garden and lawn-mounted lighting, our Multi-Purpose Solar Lighting Kits can be adapted for ground-level use or mounted on a ledge or wall. Needing a powerful solar light with adjustable spotlights? Try our Bullhorn Solar Power Dual Light. At 800 LUX, this light can adjust to any commercial flagpole up to 12” in diameter for powerful illumination. It is also rain- and rust-proof, making it maintenance-free!

Small and Powerful Commercial Solar Flagpole Lights

The Patriot Commercial Solar Light from Carrot-Top is a great option for flag displays in highly visible areas. These lights come fitted with a high-capacity 3.7V battery, the most commonly used battery in high power draining products. Coupled with a 6V solar panel and a high intensity LED bulb, these solar flag pole lights give you bright, long-lasting illumination ideal for showcasing your flag display. The Commodore Commercial Solar Light is another small option that packs strong, bright illumination. This light fits flag poles with butt diameters from 2” to 6” with simplicity and ease.

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