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Attach your flag to your halyard rope quickly and easily with flag snap hooks from Carrot-Top! Flag hanging hardware like snap hooks, flag clips, and flagpole hooks attach to the grommets on your flag’s header making it possible to mount your flag to the halyard rope on your flagpole. Carrot-Top’s selection of flag hooks ranges in size, material, and use. Browse our selection of flag snap hooks below and scroll all the way down to keep reading about the different types of flag hooks available here. 

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All About Flag Hooks from Carrot-Top Industries

A magnificent flag display at home or in a public space not only requires a high-quality flag, you’ll also need the proper flagpole and flag hanging hardware to ensure a handsome and functional display! If you’re looking to fly your flag outdoors, you’ll likely need a set of flag pole hooks to attach to the grommets on your flag’s header, making it possible to mount your flag to the halyard rope that will raise and lower your flag. At Carrot-Top, we have flag snap hooks in various sizes and materials to suit your needs.

Types of Flag Snap Hooks

Brass Snap Hooks

The ideal solution for most outdoor flagpoles, our small brass flag hooks measure 3 ¼” in length and are ideally used with flags measuring between 2’ x 3’ and 6’ x 10’. The larger brass flag snap hooks measure 4 ¾” and are intended for use with flags measuring more than 6 ’x 10’.  Covered brass flag hooks help to reduce the “clanging” noise created by the impact between your flagpole and the snap hook hardware. Our 3” Rubber Coated Brass Snap Hook is PVC-coated for long-lasting protection as your flag moves about in windy weather and as you raise and lower your flag.

Nickel and Stainless Snap Hooks

Our Small Nickel-Plated Zinc Flag Snap Hooks are ideal for use with silver or satin-finished flagpoles, and with flags sized up to 6’ x 10’. These flag hooks are coated with nickel for an added layer of protection. Stainless Snap Hooks are designed especially for use with Carrot-Top’s telescoping outdoor flagpoles and our made- in the U.S.A.- fiberglass flagpoles. For fiberglass flagpoles, we also offer Fiberglass Flagpole Nylon Snaphooks for use with 3’ x 5’ flags.

Nylon Snap Hooks and Snap Hook Covers

To extend the life of your flagpole and flag, try our Nylon Flag Snap Hooks. These snap hooks are less abrasive than other snap hooks and create less noise upon impact against your flagpole.  Brass and large snap hook-vinyl covers are also great for protecting your flagpole finish. The cover keeps the metal snap hook from creating wear on your flagpole and reduces hardware impact noise.

Residential Outrigger Flag Clips

An outrigger flagpole is a perfect option for those looking to mount a flag to the front of their house or business. Outrigger flagpoles can accommodate several types of flag clips such as flagpole screweyes, a handy piece of flag attachment hardware that can allow a flag with brass grommets to be attached to a wooden flagpole, and stainless bands that can allow multiple flag brackets to be attached to a larger pole. Rotating rings for outrigger poles and flag collars for spinning poles allow for free and easy flag movement on the flagpole—even on the windiest of days! Non-Tangle Rods and Unfurlers will also ensure your 3’ x 5’ or larger flag always looks great on your flagpole.

Internal Halyard Flag Clips

Some prefer an internal halyard flagpole for its clean lines and tamper-proof design features. For internal halyard poles, flag hardware might include flag arrangement cableswinch handlesretainer ringsconnecting links and flagpole counterweights.

Flag Clips for Telescoping Poles

Carrot-Top’s innovative Telescoping Flagpole does away with the need for halyard rope, allowing you to simply collapse the pole to remove or install your flag, then extend it back to its full height again. Our Flag Mounting Rings will allow you to attach your flag or flags to your telescoping pole with ease!  

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