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Commercial Flagpole Sales and Installation

Here at Carrot-Top Industries, we know that shopping for and installing a commercial flagpole on your property can require time-consuming research and careful planning around logistics and labor. While there are many details to consider when purchasing a flag display for your school, business, or governmental agency, we are committed to helping you find the perfect flag, flagpole, and flag hardware for your needs.

Now, in addition to offering a great selection of professional-grade flags and commercial flagpoles, and custom products, we are also pleased to offer flagpole installation services on select commercial flagpoles for a seamless buying experience! Need help finding the right flagpole? Take a look at our Comprehensive Flag Buying Guide to get started. 


Flagpole Installation Services

Our Commercial Flagpole Installation Services

We’ve partnered with Go Configure, Inc. (GCI), a nationwide contractor employing professional flagpole installers who specialize in 20 to 30-foot flagpole assembly and installation. We are pleased to be able to bring special contract pricing on their installation services to you—our valued customers. 

Flagpole SizeQTY 1QTY 2QTY 3
20' Flagpole Install $399 $349 $329
21' - 30' Flagpole Install $479 $429 $409

Customer is responsible for payment to Go Configure for any flagpole installation fees. Go Configure will reach out via email to confirm install details, secure payment information, and schedule the installation. 


About The Flagpole Installation Process

Installation of your flagpole will require three visits to your location, which will be scheduled and coordinated by our installation contractors, GCI. Weather permitting, it will take approximately one month from the time of order submission to complete your installation. Because the installers will be pouring concreate at your installation site, weather conditions must fall within the following parameters:

  • Daytime temperatures must be above 39 degrees for seven to 10 days prior to installation
  • Night temperatures must be above 32 degrees for seven to 10 days prior to installation
  • On scheduled day of installation, daytime temperatures cannot be below freezing, and it cannot have rained substantially within four hours of installation


Flagpole Installation Services


Visit One - Before Your Scheduled Installation 

A survey team will come to your installation site and mark all public utilities on your property. This is a state law mandated activity. Note: You do not need to be present for the survey.


Visit Two – The Dig (2-3 Hours):

  • A GCI flagpole installer will contact you 30 to 60 minutes prior to arrival.
    Note: Someone 18 years or older should be present for this visit.
  • Installers will dig the hole and pour the concrete to anchor your flagpole.
    Note: Installers will need access to water within 150 feet of installation site.

Visit Three – Flagpole Installation (2-4 Hours):

  • After your concrete anchor has completely dried (approximately one week later), a GCI flagpole installer will contact you 30 to 60 minutes prior to arrival.
    Note: Someone 18 years or older should be present for this visit.
  • Installers will assemble and erect your flagpole, ensure that it is level, and provide a quick tutorial about proper use.



Contact Us to Get Started!

So, you’ve purchased a 20’ to 30’ commercial flagpole from Carrot-Top Industries, and you’re ready for installation? Give us a call at 800-628-3524 to speak with a Carrot-Top customer service representative who can provide you with an initial quote and help you place an installation work order with GCI. Once your work order has been placed, you will work directly with the professionals at GCI to complete your commercial flagpole installation.