Festival Parades

Festivals and parades are a tradition in many communities across the nation! With great food, street vendors, local artists, games, rides, and concerts, we have solutions to help you attract a large crowd and make your event a success!

From our work with cities and towns across America our experience has shown us that Custom Banners are the best way to advertise for your upcoming festivals and parades. Line your main street with banners to promote and advertise your event. Be cost effective and have your local businesses Sponsor a Banner by adding their name to the bottom of your design! Granby, MA decided to create a versatile design for Granby Charter Days, held annually in June, without a date so that they can reuse them for several years. You can also see that they choose an Economical Digital Banner to include the event dates!

Keep your guests safe with our Crowd Control options while they wait for food, parking or rides. Choose from traffic cones, parking meter covers, barricades, fencing and easy to use step-in stakes. Use steel barricades for the purpose of re-directing walking traffic to designated entrance areas.

Add a pop of color with our Pennant Strings or Solid Color Flags available in many shapes and sizes. Many of our customers use pennant strings with our step-in stakes to keep their lines moving. You can also use a Message Board to draw in customers.

When organizers at the Salem Music Festival wanted a distinctive way to advertise their event, they used our Custom Flags. These are sure to grab attention and point guests to the main event. Guests are always looking for their favorite food vendor at fairs. This festival food vendor used our Custom Blade Flags on top of their awning so guests could locate them.

To show pride in your next parade, use our U.S. or State Flag Sets for the honor guard, veterans groups or military support associations. These sets are also available without a flag so you can add your organization, business or city flag to complete your overall look.

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