Smoking Receptacles

Smoking receptacles give smokers a place to safely extinguish their cigarette waste and are compact enough to fit almost anywhere. We have a variety of sizes, brands and styles of cigarette receptacles available here. Choose from our smaller poles for business fronts or large high-capacity smokers’ poles for high-traffic areas. Looking for something more attractive? Our sand urns are the perfect addition for covered outdoor areas with their upscale appearance and matching waste receptacles.

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Why Buy Smoking Receptacles from Carrot-Top Industries?

A well-placed outdoor ashtray helps maintain a clean and safe environment in your building or place of work. Cigarette receptacles from Carrot-Top Industries come in a variety of sizes, brands and styles to suit your facility or venue’s needs. Set up a smoker’s outpost area outside your building to eliminate smoke, waste and keep your grounds safe and fire-hazard free.

Types of Cigarette Receptacles

Our Elite Cease-Fire Smoker’s Receptacle is a popular outdoor ashtray choice for both small and large outdoor areas. Constructed of flame-retardant, sturdy polyethylene, this cigarette butt receptacle restricts oxygen to smoldering cigarette waste and features a small opening with a stainless-steel snuffer. Choose from three colors to match your outdoor space.

Available in five colors, the Cease-Fire Smoker’s Receptacle is ideal for larger spaces. Featuring a four-gallon galvanized steel bucket that can hold thousands of cigarette butts, this cigarette receptacle helps to keep shared spaces clean and free of cigarette butt litter and smoke.

Outdoor Cigarette Receptacle Accessories

High winds and severe weather can pose a threat to outdoor smokers’ outpost areas. Prevent tampering and secure your outdoor ashtray with our Anchor Kit for the Cease Fire Smokers Receptacle. And don’t forget to add Disposable Bucket Liners to your order! These cigarette trash bags are made from fire-retardant aluminum/polyethylene laminate and are designed to work with the Cease-Fire and Elite Smoker’s Receptacles.

How Can We Help?

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