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Perfect for schools, businesses and high-traffic organizations, our commercial floor mats promote a safer, healthier, and cleaner environment for your staff and visitors. Our selection of industrial floor mats includes rubber floor mats like the Superscrape™ mat as well as premium entrance mats like the Waterhog™ floor mat that keeps dirt and moisture at the door and off your floors! Browse our collection of floor mats and carpets below or scroll all the way down to keep reading.

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Commercial Floor Mats: Three Steps to a Safe, Clean, and Healthy Environment

Floor mats are some of the hardest-working tools in your building! Their job is important—to promote a safer, healthier, and cleaner indoor environment by trapping dirt, dust, and water at the door. They help prevent accidents, like slips and falls, by helping to keep your floors safe and dry.

For high-traffic areas, a high-quality industrial floor mat can make a big difference in your everyday quality of life. Our selection of floor mats and carpets runs the gamut from outdoor to indoor in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials. Get the most out of your commercial floor mats by employing a three-step mat setup in your building.  

Step 1: Place a scraper mat outside at your entrance.

Our Superscrape™ commercial rubber floor mats are ideal to place outside at an entrance to prevent large particles of dirt from entering your building. These mats provide aggressive scraping action as a first line of defense in your three-step mat system.  

Step 2: Place scraper/wiper mats inside at your entrance.

High performance scraper/wiper mats like our Waterhog™ Grand Classic, Classic, Grand Premier Mats, and Recycled Eco line of mats (Eco Elite and Eco Premier) are all excellent choices to place inside at your entrance. These mats provide further scraping action and water absorption to keep dirt and moisture out of your facility.

Step 3: Use wiper mats throughout your building.

Quality wiper mats placed at your entrance or in other high-traffic areas of your building will stop any remaining dust and moisture left after using the scraper and scraper/wiper mats. Waterhog™ Classic Mats are a versatile and popular option for almost any indoor location. Constructed of tough nylon fabric, our Tri-Grip Mats are also an excellent choice to control dust and static prevention inside your building. For desk and work stations, don’t miss our collection of anti-fatigue and Hog Heaven™ and Hog Heaven™ Prime mats to prevent stress and strain that can frequently come along with long hours of standing in the workplace.

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