Entrance Floor Mats

Entrance floor mats promote a safe and clean environment in which to welcome visitors to your building. Our entrance mats for businesses are industrial quality, making them perfect for any high-traffic area, including schools and event facilities. Our entrance mats are perfect for indoor and outdoor use to keep dirt and moisture at bay. Click on an image below to learn more about each type of entrance floor mat. Keep scrolling down to read more about entry floor mats from Carrot-Top!

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Maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy environment in your school or workplace starts at the door. Entrance floor mats welcome visitors to your building and set the tone for order and cleanliness.

Outdoor Entrance Floor Mats

Outdoor entrance floor mats, also known as scraper and scraper/wiper mats are ideal for use outside your building and inside at your entrance as the first and second points of defense against dirt and moisture in your building. Carrot-Top’s collection of entrance mats for businesses are perfect for any high-traffic area, including schools and event facilities. Use a Superscrape™ commercial rubber floor mat outside your building as the first point of contact in managing water and large debris at the door. These black rubber entry floor mats are available in sizes 2.6’ x 3’ to 4’ x 6’ to accommodate most entryways.

Waterhog™ Grand Classic Mats are a great scraper/wiper mat for outdoor or indoor entrance use to promote cleanliness and safety. Whether you’re outfitting a restaurant, hotel, office building, health care facility, university, or industrial facility, this mat presents an elegant welcome with industrial-quality performance. These entry floor mats are available with a cleated or smooth backing to work on either carpeted or non-carpeted surfaces.  Choose from seven colors and three styles to match your brand or décor.

For the environmentally conscious, the Waterhog Grand Premier Mats are an excellent option for heavy-traffic businesses and organizations. Place one of these entry floor mats outside or inside your entryway to collect water and debris. These mats come with a 3/8” thick rubber backing and are made of 100% recycled fabric made from reclaimed plastic drink bottles. Available in three designs, and eight elegant colors, these mats are versatile for any brand or style of décor.

Indoor Entrance Floor Mats

For indoor areas, wiper mats are ideal for preventing any remaining dust and moisture not collected from your scraper and scraper/wiper mats from spreading throughout your building. Our  Waterhog Classic Mats come in 19 different colors and are well-suited for indoor use. These mats come in a variety of sizes—from 2’ x 3’ to 6’ x 8’. Waterhog Classic Mats are constructed of polypropylene fabric that is stain resistant and highly effective at trapping dirt and dust. These mats are easily cleaned with a vacuum.

An eco-friendly option for indoor use is the Waterhog™ Eco Lite and Eco Premier Mat. These innovative recycled material mats are not only great for the environment, they are also built tough for long-lasting quality. These mats are available in eight colors and sizes from 2’ x 3’ to 6’ x 8’ and feature a premium 36 oz. anti-static fiber system that dries quickly and won’t fade or rot.

Tri-Grip Mats from Carrot-Top are an excellent indoor wiper mat choice for any venue. Use them at your entrance, or anywhere you’d like to manage dust and dirt. Available in a variety of sizes and 19 different colors, these static-resistant mats are easy to clean and are great for almost any setting—form commercial kitchens to business offices. Other indoor mat options from Carrot-Top include anti-fatigue mats for desks and workstations.  

Custom Floor Mats 

Custom logo mats make a lasting impression right at the door! Our Waterhog™ and Superscrape™ line of mats can all be made custom to display your brand or company colors. Looking for other custom products for your school or business? Don’t miss our line of custom flags and banners, tents, and custom signs!

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