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Election Signs

Use our Election signs to direct voters on Election Day. Our signs are perfect for indoor and outdoor use and can help you keep order at your polling stations. For more about these products click in to a product image of your choice or see the general description area below for a detailed overview of the products. 

13 Item(s)

13 Item(s)

Our election signs are available in several different styles with many different messages to help keep your polling station orderly. These signs can help you direct voters from the entrance through the ballot casting process and keep the flow of people constant so there is no back log of voters leading to large and frustrating crowds.

The election signs housed in the category include wind signs, a-frame (sandwich board signs) and signs for flat surfaces. The signs include messages to direct handicap voters, demarcate entrance points, prevent campaigners from entering the polling station environments and several others. Pick out an election sign and be ready for the masses on Election Day.

See all of our voting supplies for similar products. Our property and event management products are also great for maintaining order in crowded places. Browse through our collection of crowd control products, canopy tents, signs and message boards for options to help you make your polling station better suited to handle an influx of voters. We also supply a vast range of custom products (including custom signs), American flags and patriotic decorations. For more information about these products contact a customer service representative today on (800)628-3524. 

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