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Election Supplies

The election supplies category houses several different kinds of voting stickers and election signs. These items are perfect for Election Day and help keep your polling station in order. To see more information about our products click in to the voting stickers or election signs category and click on a product of your choice. For a general overview of the products available see the description tab below.

Browse through our election supplies to find products to make the voting process smoother for the people in your area. Our voting stickers section consists of four different type of stickers ideal to be handed out to people after having cast their ballot. These stickers emphasize the importance of voting and can even encourage and mobilize absentee-voters to head to the polling station and cast a vote. The stickers feature messages that read “I voted” and “My vote Counted”. The stickers come in rolls containing 1000 stickers.

Our election supplies also include election signs. Our election signs are available in several different styles. The signs can be used in any location in both indoor and outdoor settings. The signs have messages that read “Voting place”, “Vote here” and other similar messages. These signs help ease the movement of the crowd and keep order at the polling place. We also carry an extensive collection of customizable products, including custom signs, pick out a custom product and design it to fit the needs of your polling station.

See all of our property and event management products to find more items that can help make the voting process smoother. See our crowd control solutions, message boards, canopy tents and more. In addition to these product Carrot-Top industries proudly offers American flags, State and city flags, Patriotic decorations and many other products. For more information contact us today on (800)628-3524.

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