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Retractable Belt Barriers

 Our Retractable belt barriers are the perfect addition to your crowd control system. These high- quality barriers will guide and direct foot traffic allowing you to assist guests, provide information and keep your location safe.  Barriers are ideal for locations like schools, banks, and lobbies, retail outlets, churches and more.  For more details select a product image or see the description below the product options.

7 Item(s)

7 Item(s)

Our Retractable Barriers will create pathways or block access on a daily basis or at events and special occasions.  Carrot-Top offers indoor and outdoor Tensabarrier® posts in a wide variety of colors and styles.  Our outdoor and portable crowd control barriers are constructed with UPVC and durable plastic designed to withstand weather and heavy traffic. Our retractable belt barriers are available in 9 post styles and 12 vibrant belt color options.  Carrot-Top’s wide range of retractable belt barriers allows you to bring safety, efficiency and style to your location. 

Check out Carrot-Top’s broad range of special event and property management supplies. Our crowd control products are not only designed to increase your locations’ level of safety and security but they will also enhance your location’s look.  Carrot-Top takes great pride in the high-quality level our products must meet. Browse through our selection of flags and flag poles.  Our exclusive Beacon® and Patriarch® American flags are two of the finest flags obtainable. Carrot-Top also features Custom products and street banners.  For more details about our products call our customer service team at (800) 628-3524.

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