Retractable Belt Barriers

Our Retractable belt barriers are the perfect addition to your crowd control system. These high-quality retractable barriers help to direct foot traffic, allowing you to assist guests, provide information and keep your location safe.  Retractable barriers are ideal for locations like schools, banks, lobbies, retail outlets, churches and more!  For more details on the selection of retractable belt barriers offered here, select a product image below or scroll down to keep reading.  

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Why Buy Retractable Belt Barriers from Carrot-Top Industries?

Retractable barriers are essential for venues with a need for traffic control. Retractable belt barriers from Carrot-Top consist of two components—a retractable belt and retractable belt stanchions—which work together to create pathways or block access in your facility. Carrot-Top’s wide range of retractable belt barriers allows you to bring safety, efficiency and style to your location!

Types of Retractable Barriers

Carrot-Top offers indoor and outdoor Tensabarrier® posts in a wide variety of colors and styles.  Our outdoor and portable crowd control barriers are constructed with UPVC and durable plastic designed to withstand weather and heavy traffic. Our retractable belt barriers are available in nine post styles and 12 vibrant belt color options, including:  

The Tensabarrier® Queueway Plus retractable barriers are perfectly suited for quick and simple crowd control in public spaces. Featuring heavy gauge steel posts, this retractable barrier system uses a 10’ heavy-duty nylon belt that will not fray or pucker and is available in 14 vivid colors.

Our Tensabarrier® Queueway Posts require no tools to set up and come in a variety of great colors like Black, Blue, Red or Yellow/Black caution stripes. These posts are a great match for the Queueway Plus stanchion. Alternately, these posts can just connect with a receiver on an opposite wall like the Tensabarrier® Wall Unit with 7.5" Belt. This plastic wall-mounted retractable safety barrier is designed for versatility or as a standalone and is available with a color belt or pre-printed safety messages by special request. It also features a built-in friction brake that allows the belt to retract slowly and safely.  

Another great retractable safety barrier option from Carrot-Top is the Tensabarrier® Retractable Posts and Belts set. Choose from three sleek finishes—Chrome, Brass and Black—which offer versatility for all types of events.  This retractable barrier system features 38” tall posts with a 13.6’ base for stability. The posts are fashioned with an impact resistant design that withstands years of wear and tear. Choose from 14 retractable belt colors to match your event or venue!  

If versatility is what you seek, try the Portable Tensabarrier® Post and Belt, which is great for both indoor and outdoor use. Featuring a high-impact resistant design and a six-sided base for added stability, these posts are available in multiple colors and have 12 different belt options. 

For your outdoor retractable belt barrier needs, try the Outdoor Tensabarrier® Post and Belt set. These outdoor Tensabarrier utility posts feature rugged construction and are designed for long-term outdoor use. These posts are easy to carry with sturdy bases that keep posts stable and in place if kicked or knocked over.  

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