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Rope & Stanchions Sets

Rope and stanchions sets from Carrot-Top Industries are an elegant and functional crowd control system. These rope and stanchion systems are a timeless and classic approach to indoor crowd control. Our rope and stanchions are available in a variety of colors and styles. In addition to enhancing most any environment, they help maintain order by directing your customers, students, congregation and visitors. For more information about our crowd control stanchions and stanchion ropes, click on a product image of your choice or keep scrolling down to continue reading. 


4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)

Why Buy Rope & Stanchions Sets from Carrot-Top Industries?

Crowd control stanchions and ropes are perfect for any indoor setting. Carrot-Top offers a variety of stanchion posts and stanchion ropes in different colors, materials and finishes to match your space. Create a system that works for your event or organization by selecting rope and stanchions that fit your needs. Rope and stanchion sets from Carrot-Top can be set up in no time to bring order to any crowded location.

At Carrot-Top, we offer two types of stanchion rope in 6’ lengths. Our Velour and Naugahyde stanchion rope are both elegant options that come in two styles and five different color options with three different end-finish options. We also offer two different types of stanchion posts that come in three finishes and stand 38.5" tall. Choose either a classic or standard finish style to match your décor needs.

Carrot-Top offers a variety of crowd control products and safety barriers as well as many stock and custom products to help your school, business or organization succeed. Check out our selection of changeable letter boards, custom mats, industrial trash canstents and everything in between!

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