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Barrier Tapes

Barrier tape is easy to use, cost-effective, and useful for a variety of situations where a barrier is needed. Carrot-Top’s collection of non-adhesive barrier tapes come in a variety of colors and designs—from black and yellow caution tape to decorative “party zone” barrier tape! For more information about the different types of barrier tape offered here, click on one of the product images below or keep scrolling down to continue reading. 

17 Item(s)

17 Item(s)

Why Buy Barrier Tapes from Carrot-Top Industries?

At Carrot-Top Industries, we offer many types of barrier tapes to fit your crowd-control needs. Our selection of safety barrier tapes come in bright colors to grab instant attention. We also offer the very recognizable black and yellow caution barrier tapes to alert visitors of areas that are off-limits. Our standard tapes come in rolls of 300’ but our safety tapes like the black and yellow caution tape are available in 1000’ rolls.

Pair any of our barrier tapes with a tape dispenser and Step-In Stakes for quick and easy setup! Ideal for events like fairs, markets, sporting events, concerts, tailgate parties, and outdoor gatherings, these stakes install in ground in minutes and enhance safety at your outdoor gathering.

Types of Barrier Tapes

Caution Tape: Our selection of black and yellow caution tape includes tapes with a variety of “caution” messages to alert passersby of areas that are off-limits. These barrier tapes are constructed of heavy-duty 3-mil polyethylene and measure 3” wide by 1000’ in length. Products offered include the standard messages of caution like Caution, Caution/Cuidado, and Caution No Parking. We also offer barrier tapes for official use like the Restricted Area Keep Out tape, Police Line Do Not Cross tape, Fire Line Do Not Cross tape, and Caution Do Not Enter tape.

Solid and Striped Barrier Tape: Our solid and striped varieties of barrier tape are versatile in many situations. Some of the different types of barrier tape we offer are 1000’ Yellow Barrier tapes that can be used to demarcate boundaries and restrict passage to controlled areas as well as 300’ Event Tape in a variety of highly visible solid and striped colors that are great for laying boundaries.

Message Barrier Tape: In addition to our wide selection of caution, solid, and striped barrier tapes, we also offer a few barrier tapes bearing specific messages. Our Caution Party Zone tape is a fun option for those who want to announce their event in a clever way. For businesses and special events, we offer red Sale barrier tape in a roll of 1200’—plenty of length to cover large events like flea markets and tent sales.

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