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Barrier Tapes

Our Barrier tapes are both fun and extremely useful at the same time. These non-adhesive tapes come in a variety of colors and designs with everything from tapes that warm people of crime scenes, to caution tapes and even party zone barrier tapes for use as decoration.

Carrot-Top offers everything you need to set up your barrier tape. For more information click in to a product of your choice or see the description below the product images for a general overview. 

17 Item(s)

17 Item(s)

We offer several different types of barrier tapes to fit your needs. They are available in several different colors with our safety tapes being luminous yellow allowing for a contrasting and eye catching barrier. The tapes are available in several different lengths. Our standard tapes come in rolls of 300’ but our safety tapes like the caution tape, caution no parking tape and fire line tape is available in 1000’ rolls. We also offer a red sale tape that measure 1200’ in length, perfect for a large area. We also carry several different colors of event tape and the widely used black and yellow striped caution tape.

See all of our crowd control and safety equipment, a vital addition to any event or high traffic area. Carrot-Top Industries also provides several other types of property management supplies including waste receptacles, tents and even lecterns for stages. We are known nationally as one of the leaders in the flag industry, our exclusive outdoor American flags the Beacon® and Patriarch® are known to outlast most flags in the industry in permanent outdoor displays. Browse through our flagpoles and pick one out to fit your flag for a complete display. For more information about our flags, barrier tapes or any other product contact our experienced call center representatives on (800)628-3524. 

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