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Barricades and Fencing

Our Barricades and Fences are multi-use, portable fencing that provides an added level of safety and security at jobsites and public events. Barricades and fences may be used to guide pedestrian traffic at special events and block access or warn of hazards.  Our Barricades and fences are available in a variety of styles. For more details select a product image or see the description below the product options.

11 Item(s)

11 Item(s)

Barricades and fencing options range from safety gates and handrail barriers to steel barricades and signature fences. Carrot-Top also offers 2 types of steel fences and several kinds of picket style fencing. We also offer flexible orange fencing to mark hazards.  Barricade covers and fence caps are also available. Our Barricade and fencing items are must for schools, towns, performance venues and arenas, government agencies, hospitals, and theaters.

Be sure to browse through all of our special event and property management supplies.  Carrot-Top takes great pride in providing the highest quality products.  Our exclusive Beacon® and Patriarch® American flags are two of the finest flags obtainable and have been known to withstand harsh wind and weather. We also offer several varieties of Indoor American flags.  Our Custom products include street banners and signs to which allow you to decorate your location and inform your guests. For further details about our products contact our call center (800) 628-3254.

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