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U.S. Products

US Products showcase the high quality standards that Carrot-Top sets for every product or item. Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations with superior products and excellent customer service. These US Products are no exception. Our patriotic products show off your American pride with an American style that never is never out-dated.  

Our US Products include Mini US Flags made with strong durable blended polyester material.  Carrot-Top also features patriotic stickers and labels. Our American themed “Made in the USA” American Eagle labels, “Proudly Made in the USA” Labels, and our “Made In the USA” Labels are all label which may demonstrate your pride.   Our selection of Display Cases (Shadow Boxes) includes  offering in three sizes. These displays cases make great gifts to show off an accomplishments or note achievements. Carrot –Top also offers flagpoles and Patriotic banners. 

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)

Carrot-Top has proudly supplied custom items, patriotic products and flags for over thirty-five years. Our American flags are available in several sizes  and fabrics and include our Beacon® Nylon American flag and Patriarch® Polyester American flags. Both flags are built to last and showcase superior craftsmanship. We also have a broad selection of military and memorial items  which includes veteran’s products and military branch flags. For further details about our US Products or any Carrot-Top item call (800) 628-3524.

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