Custom Grave Markers & Memorial Plaques

When an off-the-shelf grave marker doesn't fit, Carrot-Top Industries has the perfect way to memorialize and honor your loved one. Creating a custom grave marker for your fallen service member is simple when you work with us. We make it easy for you to imprint your special message onto a predesigned grave marker or create a fully customizable plaque. Once mounted, these custom tributes require little to no maintenance, and as the years go on, they only get more beautiful, taking on a weathered patina that looks better and more special with age.

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Custom Bronze Plaque
$217.99 to $934.99
Custom Aluminum Plaque
$182.99 to $804.99
Bronze Custom Fire Department Grave Markers
3 reviews
Custom Aluminum Firefighters Grave Markers
3 reviews
Custom Bronze Police Grave Markers
2 reviews
Custom Aluminum Police Grave Marker
2 reviews
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Select up to 4 items to compare.