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Conch Republic Flags are fashioned with strong durable, outdoor grade polyester and brass grommets on the hoist side. These flags feature a rich blue background, a bold, pink conch shell and a bright, yellow sun.  Conch Republic flags showcase a screen printed image on back to back fabric and may be displayed or flown to express heritage and honor international relationships of Key West.  Order your Conch Republic Flag now by entering the desired quantity and clicking “Add to Cart”. For more information about our Conch Republic Flag see the description tab below.

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 Conch Republic flags are crafted with the finest materials.  The Conch Republic is a micro nation which declared an informal secession of the city of Key West, Florida. The status has been maintained as a tourism booster for the city since 1982. These Key West  Republic flags feature the date “1828” in the upper right corner which is the year Key West, FL and Monroe County incorporated.  Six stars of the Constellation Cygnus, the constellation of the Northern Cross, are in the upper right corner while the stars in the lower left corner of the flag form the constellation of the Southern Cross. These Conch Republic flags are available in one size 12”x 18”.

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