Colorfest Pennant Strings – 8 Mil

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Colorfest pennant strings are colorful, vibrant decorations ideal for grabbing attention. The colorfest strings feature 8-mil pennants and a strong build for long term use in both indoor and outdoor displays. Gator Hyde™ is an 8-mil vinyl, named for its strength and durability and is twice the thickness of regular vinyl(4-mil vinyl).

These 8-mil pennant strings are ideal for markets, sale events, fairs and even openings. The strings are available in 25’ 50’ and 100’ lengths. For more details about the strings see the description tab below. To order a colorfest pennant string select a size, enter the desired number of units in the quantity box and click on the “Add to cart” button. 

The Colorfest pennant strings are an ideal way to attract attention to your event or business. These pennants are designed with vibrant and striking colors to catch the eye of people passing by with just one glance. The pennants are also perfect for both indoor and outdoor displays. They are able to withstand all weather conditions be it rain or harsh, direct sunlight.

These 8-mil pennant strings feature pennants measuring 12” at the base and 18” in length. The pennants are sewn twice for increased durability and strength. The 25’ pennant strings have 12 pennants per string, the 50’ strings have 24 pennants and the 100’ strings have 48 pennants. All pennants are brightly colored and alternated in color. The colors featured on the string are blue, green, orange, purple, yellow and red.

Carrot-top Industries offers a large variety of pennant strings including several colorful strings that are a great way to add color and attract attention. See our multi colored pennant strings, multi-color wiggler pennants and the rest of the collection as well. Our advertising flags and street banners are also a good way to attract attention to a special event or your business. In addition to these items we also produce custom products. We have several different kinds of custom flags, custom banners, custom street banners and even custom pennant strings ideal for personalized decorations that are sure to increase your brand exposure. For more details about our products contact us today on (800)628-3524. 

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