City of Durham

Following a public contest, Al Nichols’ design was adopted in 1989 as the city’s official flag.  The flag was intended to communicate the “new spirit” of Durham.  The dominant colors of royal blue, red and gold represent courage; action and progress; and high quality in all growth.  The seven stars represent the seven sisters of the constellation Taurus, “the Bull”, under which Durham’s birthday, April 26, falls.  The stars are also symbolic of the new spirit of Durham in seven areas.

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What is not to be proud about “our city”? From its early roots as a “tobacco town”, Durham has evolved into a national center of medical technology, performing arts, higher education and cultural events. And it continues to evolve…

We want to assist you in beautifying and calling attention to this great city. We are offering U.S., state of North Carolina and, most importantly, City of Durham flags and other products specific to Durham that will allow you to express your participation in the great “spirit of Durham”.

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Locally owned and operated, Carrot-Top Industries has been serving business and government since 1980.
We are delighted to partner with the City of Durham to offer products that express the pride we all have in Durham, our state and our country.