Buddhist Indoor Sets

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Indoor Buddhist Flag Sets are the perfect way to display your Buddhist flag. These sets include finely tailored flags and our elegant flagpoles.  Buddhist flags consist of six vertical bands of that represent the aura.  Buddhists believe the aura emanated from the Buddha when he attained Enlightenment. These flags are symbols of the faith and peace of Buddhist worldwide and create dynamic displays with our beautiful flag poles. Get your Indoor Buddhist flag by entering the quantity you desire and clicking “Add to Cart”.  For more information about our Indoor Buddhist Flag Sets see the description tab below.

Our Indoor Buddhist flag sets feature beautifully sewn flags and traditional, elegant flagpoles.  The 3’x5’ Indoor Buddhist flag set contains the 3’x5’ flag and an 8’ Jointed Oak Finished pole.  The 4’x6’ Buddhist flag set is paired with the 9’ Jointed Oak finished Pole. Both Flag sets include a gold cord with tassel, an 8” ornamental gold ball and a weighted 8lb. gold-finished base.   Our Jointed Oak-finished flagpoles are 2-piece hardwood flagpoles with brass joints.  These flagpoles create a distinguished and classic look.

Carrot-Top’s products must meet the highest standards as we constantly strive to exceed our customer’s expectations. Our custom products include signs, banners, flags, decals and more that all may be customized with your company, church or organization’s logo and message.  Carrot-Top’s flags include American flags, international flags, US State and City flags and more. Our American flags are some of the finest flags available and include our exclusive flags, the Beacon® Nylon American flag and the Patriarch® Polyester American flag.  Browse our vast array of religious flags  which includes our Outdoor Buddhist flags and our Indoor Buddhist Flags. For more details about any Carrot-Top or for assistance placing an order for an Indoor Buddhist flag call (800) 628-3524 and speak with any member of our customer service team. 

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