Brass Flag Hooks

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Our brass flag hooks are an ideal fit for attaching any flag with a header and brass grommets to a flag pole. The brass flag hooks are available in two different sizes, with or without a hook cover. The size of the flag hook changes according to the flag size. Use a large brass flag hook for flags larger than 6’x10’ and a small one for flags that are smaller.

For more information about the benefits of each brass flag snap hook type see the description tab below.

Small brass flag hooks measure 3 ¼” in length and are ideally used with flags measuring between 2’x3’ and 6’x10’. The larger brass flag snap hooks measure 4 ¾” and are intended for use with flags measuring more that 6’x10’. Both flag snap hooks can also be purchased with a nylon cover. These covered snap hooks are ideal for use if the flag pole is located close to a building or a high traffic area or if the flag pole finish is not bronze.

Covered brass flag hooks reduce the clanging noise created by the impact between flagpole and snap hook which can be frustrating if the flag is located in a high traffic area. The brass flag hooks can also damage the finish of a flagpole if it is not bronze. Covering the snap hook will prevent scuff marks on the flag pole and also reduce chances of pitting or tearing of the flag pole’s outer layer. Pitting can also lead to flag tears making it essential to have a covered flag snap hook. 

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