The Historic Battle Grove Cemetery

The Historic Battle Grove Cemetery in Cynthiana, KY doesn’t let being in small town keep their patriotism on a small scale. Established in 1868, the cemetery has an extensive history and is the resting place of veterans who lived and died more than a century ago. For the past 15 years, local Boy Scout and Girl Scouts troops, along with their troop leaders, have placed Carrot-Top cemetery flags on the gravesites of veterans as a part of the Veteran’s Day program. According to Cemetery Superintendent Billy Grayson, “It’s thrilling to see boys and girls of all ages place flags on the graves of those who served our country long before the children were born. Having them here is like bringing the future to visit the past”. Boy and Girl Scout Troop Leaders thought the project would encourage community involvement and awareness, educate the scouts, and inspire civic responsibility.

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