National Fire Prevention Week is October 7th – 13th and this year’s campaign theme is, “Look. Listen. Learn. Be Aware. Fire can happen anywhere.” National Fire Prevention Week works to educate people about everyday steps to take to reduce the likelihood of having a fire—and how to escape safely in the event of one.


National Fire Prevention Week has been observed since 1925 when President Calvin Coolidge proclaimed it a national observance. Each year, the observance occurs the week of October 9th in commemoration of the Great Chicago Fire which began on October 8, 1871, and caused devastating damage. National Fire Prevention Week is a great opportunity for communities across America to connect with their local fire departments and for children and adults to learn and continue to stay aware of best practices around fire safety.


Burning Ban Flag

There are many ways to be aware and take action to prevent fires, both in your home and in your community.

  • At home, take a good look around and identify potential fire hazards. Make sure all doors and windows leading outside open easily and are accessible.
  • Now is a great time to change the batteries in your smoke detector and test it to make sure it is in working order.
  • Together, with your family, identify an emergency escape plan. Agree on an emergency meeting place outside your home and run a fire drill at least once a year to practice for emergencies.
  • Be aware of local ordinances around outdoor burning and know when burning restrictions are in place.
      • Contact your state's DNR office to obtain a DNR burning permit. Keep track of local DNR burn bans by visiting your state's DNR website.
      • If your city or town does not do so already, recommend local officials publicly display a burning ban flag in visible areas such as subdivisions, parks and public buildings.
  • Visit for a helpful home checklist about steps you can take at home around fire prevention.


For more information about National Fire Prevention Week visit the National Fire Prevention Association’s official website at National Fire Prevention Week. For more information or to purchase a Burning Ban flag, visit